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Storage Tanker (FSO) for Sale in Singapore

We can develop an FSO basis simple "as is where is" terms & prompt charter-free delivery in Singapore or Batam.

Key Notes:

• She was Moored Oil Storage Tanker for the last 6 years off Sriracha, Thailand.

• Last DD was in May'17 with Underwater Inspection carried out in June'19.

• CAP RATING 1 (Hull, Machinery Electrical and cargo system)

• Vessel has relocated to Batam, Indonesia under own power for gas freeing and demucking operations.

• Vessel is in gas free condition for hot work standards with no slops/sludge onboard.

• Vessel boiler and heating system is in good working order.

• Heating Coil in cargo Tanks: yes - 2C, 4C, 5 P\S / Material: STEEL

• Heating Coil in Slop Tanks: yes – Material: Al Brass

• Vessel not fitted with BWTS, Scrubber.

299,930Mtdw on 22.22m

Built 1997 Hyundai Ulsan, South Korea


GT 156,692/ NT 107,870

LOA 330.20m, LBP 314.62m, Beam 58.00m, Depth 27.57m

17 Tanks 338,651cbm

Pumps: 3x5,000 Cbm/hr stripping 2x3,000 Cbm/hr Ballast

Double Hull

1 B&W 7S80MC 23,538 KW


(All details in good faith without guarantee)

Vessel is presently off roads Batam, Indonesia.

Kindly note potential Buyers shall agree for the following clause to be part of the MOA and all other subsequent MOA (NON-NEGOTIABLE).


The Buyers undertake that after delivery of the Vessel under this Agreement, the Vessel shall not be used as storage or floating storage unit (FSU) in or around Malaysia, Singapore and/or Thailand. The Buyers shall procure that this obligation is made a term of any and every subsequent agreement for the resale of the Vessel.


No official price ideas - inviting best offers, basis simple "as is where is" terms & prompt charter-free delivery in Singapore or Batam in seller's option.

She will be sold at best obtainable price and terms.

For further details, photos etc., need name and background of Buyers together with their intended trade for the Vessel.

All details without guarantee

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1 Comment

Muhammad Jakaria
Muhammad Jakaria
Apr 29, 2023

Hello Wanted large size ships for sale The following requirements/conditions are required to purchase a scrap ship: 1- We are interested in purchasing such ships for skimming: All kinds of scrap ships: for example: scrap oil tanker/LPG tanker/chemical tanker/ container ship/dry cargo ships/auto tanker / Bulk tanker / green vessel etc. Any type of passenger vessel /Cruise ships, warships/ammunition ships, as well as ships carrying the flags of four countries are banned in Bangladesh (eg Somalia, Iran, North Korea and Israel). 2. Deadweight and Gross Tonnage/Net Tonnage is required for operational/running ships, not for scrap ships/ ships Scrap ships require long tons and metric tons of LDT (Light Displacement Tonnage) intended for pricing. 3. God willing, We take 7000Mt To 50000/MT from LDT…

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