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HIGH QUALITY ULTRA FINE FILTER SYSTEMS MADE IN GERMANY Micfil cleans all fuels, and oils, including bio oil vom particle down to 0.5 µm Micron and waterfree! Important: we remove 98% of bacteria in oil and fuel!


Using our products means to you:

-Significantly extending the lifetime of your machinery and equipment. -80-90% reduction in operating costs, up to 10% fuel reduction.

-Reducing the need for expensive oil changes.

-Saving costs for injectors, bearings, sleeves, pumps etc.

-Significantly reducing costs for spare parts.

-eliminate approx. 98% of all bacterias."

You do not have to change the engine oil, Turbine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil etc. nearly as often potentially extending the oil life to indefinite (subject to oil analyses) with dramatic savings to the environment, costs and maintenance time.


With the same type of filter and the same type of insert, we are also cleaning the diesel together with our water separator down to 0.5 micron. Diesel fuel quality is getting worse worldwide and with it the problems in oil and fuel. The particles below the size of the standard filter in diesel and oil will destroy Injectors and piston rings over time. The particles passing the piston rings are damaging the sleeve and the rings. They are creating more abrasion in the engine oil side of the engine and build-up in the combustion space so reducing the efficiency of the combustion which leads to higher fuel consumption. Also, unburned particles going unfiltered through the exhaust increase emissions. and giving health problems to society.

Summary on savings:

80-90% of the engine oil 80-90% of hydraulic oil 80-90% of gear oil
3-5% of diesel.
Saving of spare parts for bearing sleeves, etc.
Saving on injectors and injector pumps.
Overall, less downtime for the equipment.
Significant extension in the life of the engine.

We are exclusive dealers for Italy and Monaco.


Contact us to arrange a presentation of our products in your premises.


time to go green...

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