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DP2 Jack-Up/Liftboat Unit of Gusto MSC Design for Sale

On offer is a proven installation Jack-Up that works well also in strong currents. Built to the Gusto MSC SEA 2000 design she has been employed in several locations around the globe for mono-pile installation, transition pieces, etc. With her DP2 system brings good flexibility in the field also for Oil & Gas projects.

Offshore Heavy lift DPS 2 Jack Up Self- elevating platform

Built: 2009, LEMANTS NV, Belium (for DEME)

Class: CCS (was ABS)

GRT/NRT: 3634/1090

Light ship weight: 3182 MT

Main Dimensions

Length: 59.5m + Boom= 98m

Breadth : 32.2m + Fender= 33m

Depth : 5.00m

Max. Height: 78.85m

Operating Draft max: 3.549 + 1.75m= 5.299m

Leg length: 78.85m

Jacking System Type: Hydraulic Positive Engagement

Preload/Speed: 4 x 2000ton/ 0.5 m/min

Main Crane: 400ton FAVELLE FAVCO / PC 300

Aux Crane: 10 ton

DP : Kongsberg DP2

Thruster: 4 x 970kw Azimuth Thrusters

Speed: 6 knots

Total power: 6240 kw

Free deck area: 1080 m2

Variable Load: 1,400t

Accommodation: 52 pax

The unit is currently in China where can be inspected and delivered. More details here. If no DP system required we also have the former JB118 available (currently has accommodation for 230pob installed).

All details without guarantee

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