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New Building Resale of a Construction Support Vessel

We still can propose a NB Diesel Electric Construction Support Vessel for resale. Photo is of a similar sister already in operation in the GOM. Pricewise a big discount is applied already.

Brief details:

ABS Class: + A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel, (FFV-2, HEAVY LIFT),SPS, + ACC, + AMS,+ ENVIRO,GP,+ DPS-3,HAB(WB),UWILD ,BWT,CRC

Dimensions: 115.00m/28.00m/6.00m

Scantling draught: abt 6.50m

Accommodation: 300 pob

Fuel Oil: abt 3500m3

Water Ballast: abt 4000m3

Fresh Water: abt 1500m3

Moonpool: 7.2m x 7.2m

Working deck load: abt 7.5t/m2

Working deck space, total: abt 1600m2

Clear deck space, excl.covered area & moonpool: abt 1050m2

Deck loading: abt 7.5t/m2

Speed: 11knots

Main Engines Generators 2 x 3170ekW, 720 RPM ,A/C, 3 x 690V/60 Hz

2 x 2495ekW, 720 RPM ,A/C, 3 x 690V/60 Hz

Aux. Generators approx. 2 x 740eKW, 440V A.C.60Hz

Emergency Generator approx.1 x 260eKW, 440V A.C.60Hz

Azimuth Propellers 2 x 2,500 KW, Controlled Pitch Propellers

Tunnel Thrusters 2 x 1600 kW, Fixed Pitch Propellers

Retractable Thruster 1x1600 kW, Fixed Pitch Propeller

Main Crane: Huisman SWL 300t, max radius 55.5m

Aux Crane: WL 64t, max radius 36.6m, 5mt, man riding

Telescopic Access BridgeMax extended length 44.5m, Luffing angle + 25º to -17º

External Fire-fighting System: Fire Monitors 3 x 2400m3/h, Fi-Fi-class II

Full details available.

Location: ex.yard in China, prompt.

Price: try offers in region $60 mil.

All details without guarantee

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