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New 140m DP2 Deck Carrier Catamaran for Sale

On offer is a new building that is in the final stages of completion in China. Equipped with a DP2 system she can assist in offshore projects offloading heavy equipment such as foundations or other windfarm equipment.

Gemini type Deck Cargo Ship, Crane and Heavy Equipment Carrier

Class: CCS Ice Class B, DP2

DWT: 14,000t @6.95m Draft

L/B/D: 140m/41.0m/9.5m

GRT/NRT: abt.10,200/abt 3,060

Deck Load: 15t/m2

Complement: 16p

First Side Push:2 x 1,500kW

M/E: 2 x 2,500kW@750r/min

Generator: 3 x 380kW

Speed: 12.0knot

The vessel will be ready for delivery in Feb/Mar 2023.

Asking price: $25 million

All details without guarantee

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