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MT 6040 design DP3 OSV semi-finished for Resale

After a failed sale we have on offer again a semi-finished DP3 equipped offshore support vessel with great features and at a reduced price. The ship is under construction in Europe. Please contact us for all details. It is possible to enter into the deal that just failed.

6500 dwt, Loa 109.5 m, Offshore Maintenance, Multi-Purpose Subsea Operation, ROV & Dive Support, Well Intervention, Geotechnical Drilling, Cable Laying, etc. The project can be taken over at a fraction of initial cost. Price (fixed) is €15.75 mil. 'as is' with all equipment. We assess finishing cost to original MT 6040 design at around additional €35 mil. Shipyard capacity available in various locations.

Length o.a. 109.55

Length p.p. 102.10

Width mld. 22.00

Depth main deck 9.00

Depth shelter deck 11.80

Accommodations 120

Moonpool 7.5 x 7.5

Deckspace 1200 m2

All details without guarantee

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