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Modern Ropax vessels for sale in China

We can develop for sale the following sister Ropax Ferries in China:

1128Pax/ Abt 200Trucks RORO passenger vessel Built: 9.2006/2.2007 HUANGHAI CHINA Class: CCS (IACS) Flag: PRC DWT: 6984.16T GT: 19847T NT: 9923T LOA: 161.2M BEAM: 24.8M DEPTH: 7.9M Persons onboard:1128 passengers+75 crew Passenger berth:902P Trucks: ABT 200 ME:MAN/B&W 14V 32/40, 2 X 6720KW(13440KW) Bow thruster: WKM KT-72B1 2x550kw Shaft generator: 2x792KW Fuel oil tanks: ABT 384..76M3 Diesel oil tanks: ABT 274.54M3 Speed: 16.5KNOTS ON 48T/DAY, HFO 180(HFO380 can be used) 18.0KNOTS ON 58.8T/DAY HFO 180 FOUR CLOSED LIFEBOATS: 260P 25P X 12 LIFERAFTS,DAVIT LAUNCHED AND SELF-RIGHTING 100P X 10 LIFRAFTS,THROWING LAUNCHED AND SELF-RIGHTING 6P X 2 LIFERAFTS, 1349 LIFEJACKETS INCLUDING 58 CHILDREN’S 18 LIFEBUOYS ++++++ From same owners have an older but well maintained unit:

1102Pax/200 Trucks RORO Passenger vessel Built: 1992 FORSEN NORWAY Class: CCS Flag: PRC DWT: 6030.06 T GT: 20403 T NT: 10610 T LOA: 157.9 M BEAM: 24.0 M DEPTH: 18.2 M DRAFT: 5.90 M Personsonboard:1128 passengers+75 crew Trucks:ABT 200 ME: Wartsila Sulze 6ZA40S 2×3960KW 510rpm Bow thruster:WKM KT-72B1 2x550kw Shaft generator:2x792KW Fuel oil tanks: ABT 468..68 M3 Diesel oil tnaks: ABT 122.75 M3 Speed: 15.5KNOTS ON 24T/DAY,HFO 180(HFO380 can be used) CONSUMPTION AT PORT ABOUT FO:2.4T/DAY; DO:1.68T/DAY FOUR CLOSED LIFEBOATS: 182P 25P X 18 LIFERAFTS,DAVIT LAUNCHED AND SELF-RIGHTING 25P X 30 LIFRAFTS,THROWING LAUNCHED AND SELF-RIGHTING 1354 LIFEJACKETS INCLUDING 66 CHILDREN’S 18 LIFEBUOYS Please ask for more details. All three vessels are inspectable at Bohai, China and prompt available.

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2016 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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