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140m DP2 Deck Carrier Catamaran for Sale

On offer is a new building that is in the final stages of completion in China. Equipped with a DP2 system she can assist in offshore projects offloading heavy equipment such as foundations or other windfarm equipment. These carriers also are capable of trading with containers.

Gemini type Deck Cargo Ship, Crane and Heavy Equipment Carrier

Class: CCS Ice Class B, DP2

DWT: 14,000t @6.95m Draft

L/B/D: 140m/41.0m/9.5m

GRT/NRT: abt.10,200/abt 3,060

Deck Load: 15t/m2

Complement: 16p

First Side Push:2 x 1,500kW

M/E: 2 x 2,500kW@750r/min

Generator: 3 x 380kW

Speed: 12.0knot

Asking price: $25 million

All details without guarantee

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