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Modern Module Carriers for Sale

On sale are 2 shallow draft Module carrying vessels:

Abt 5,231 mtdw on 4.00 m draft

4,382 GT, 1,315 NT

Blt 2017 / 2018 at Vard Braila, Romania

Class RS, Ice 1B

SS+DD 2022-08 + DD 2021-01, SS 2023-01

LOA 113.02 m, LBP 108.43 m, Beam 21 m, Depth 6.5 m

M/E 3 x 994 KW Caterpillar

Deck Space 1528m2

Deck Crane


Both are trading in the Caspian Sea between Kazakhstan and Russia but could be relocated to Black Sea for delivery.

Best offers invited. Ideas are €9mil/unit.

All details without guarantee.

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