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Floating Hotel with 66 Rooms for Sale in Norway

On offer is a modern and well appointed floating hotel (barge). Ideal for accommodation of technicians at sites where not enough shore side accommodation can be found (i.e. at sites of offshore wind developments).

66 rooms of 16 m2, with shower and toilet.

Satisfies the 2000 standard.

Reception with attached rooms

Two TV lounges

Wireless Internet

Television broadcasting

Canteen with 128 seats.

Dining capacity of up to 300 people.

Mess room for kitchen staff

Provisioning freight elevator

Fridge and freezer on the top floor.

Laundry with 3 washing machines and dryers.

The vessel would need to ship on a heavy lifter or semi-sub barge.

Contact us for more information.

All details without guarantee

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1 Comment

Apr 06, 2023

Dear sir/madam

We are UK-based company working with Home Office UK to provide accommodation for asylum seeker. We are looking for accommodation barge we are interested to secure your floating barge please let us know we would like to work together on this project if you have any questions, please feel free to call or send us an email.

Best regards

Naved Yousuf



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