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ASD Escort Tug with 50t BP brand new

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

On offer is a Newbuilding 33m 4400Bhp Multi Purpose ASD Tug available for sale.

Delivery in 3 months from confirmation.

Inspection and delivery in Malaysia.


Basic Functions: Towing, Mooring, Line Handling, Harbour, Escort, Anchor Handling

Built: 2023 / Malaysia

Class BV: BVI ✠ HULL • MACH, Escort tug , Fire fighting shipwater spraying 1 , Tug , Unrestricted navigation

Length O.A: 32.5 m

Draft Designed: 3.71 m

Deadweight: 270.49 tons

GRT: Approx. 438T

Bollard Pull (FWD):Abt 52~55T

Bollard Pull (ASTERN):Abt 50~52T

Speed: 12 knots

Accommodation: 14 men

2 x Caterpillar 3516C 2200 HP at 1600RPM

2 x BAT 523, Brand: BERG 1566KW, 1600rpm, 2300 Diameter CPP

Bow Thruster: GT715 , Brand: GME, 1.9 Ton E‐Motor Drive FPP,

Bow Thruster With Step‐Less Joystick Control

Fuel Oil: 168.97 m³

Fresh Water: 64.1 m³

Towing Winch: Hydraulic, double drum, 80t pull, 150 t Brake, 800 m , Wire Rope‐Dia. 52

Price idea: $ 5 million

Full details available upon request. Please advise interest

All details without guarantee

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1 Kommentar

Moshood Haidara
Moshood Haidara
10. Okt. 2023

Do you have decommissioned vessels for sale in west Africa?

Gefällt mir
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