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7th Generation Drill Ship for Sale in Korea

On offer is a modern deepwater drillship that is now available for re-sale. Great savings because of defaulted earlier buyers. We can send details to interested parties. Good investment during the current wave of drilling activity w/w!

96K Drillship capable for 3,600m(12,000ft) water depth

equipped with Enhanced DP sysem(EH-P), 18-3/4" 7 ram BOPs

and ready for IMO Tier lll

-Built in Samsung Heavy Industries Korea

-Hull dimenshions : 228m x 42m x 19m

-Displacement : 96,400 MT

-Operating Draft : 12m

-Maximum water depth : 3,600m(12,000ft)

-POB : 200

-Cabin Type : 2 x 1p cabin, 99 x 2p cabin

-Class : ABS

Maximum Transit Speed: 12 knots

Location: Korea

Price: try offers in region $445 million

All details without guarantee

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