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2020 blt Towing Tug & 250' Deck Cargo Barge for Sale in SEA

We have a 2020 Built 1300Bhp Towing Tug & 2007 Built 250ft Deck Cargo Barge set available for prompt sale. Barge is fitted with sideboards and ramp/door. Both tug and barge presently operating in East Malaysia.

Brief Specifications

Year Built: 2020

Class/Registry: NKK/ Kota Kinabalu

L X B X D: 23.9M X 7.30M X 3.50M

GRT/NRT: 155/45

Main Engine: 2 x Yanmar 650BHP @1,900RPM

Accommodation: 12 Pax

Towing Hook: 20 mtons Towing Hook

Design Speed: 12Knts

Fuel Oil/Fresh Water: Approx 90 m3 /Approx 40 m3

Deck Cargo Barge

Year Built: 2007

Class/Registry: BV/Malaysia

L X B X D : 250' X 80' X 16'

GRT/NRT: 2305/690

DWT: 5,800

Deck Strength: 10tons/sqm

Sideboards: 12ft Sideboards

Rampdoor: Yes

Looking forward to your inquiries.

All details without guarantee.

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