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Aframax capable Floating Dock now available in China

35,500TLC Floating Dock Constructed in 2010 Class: CCS LOA: 285m LOA(Floating Bodies): 265m Breadth: 61/60m Breadth between walls: 51.0m Breadth inner wall (net): 48.5m Width of dock wall: 5.0/4.5m Height between wall ceiling to CL: 21.0m Height between safe deck to CL: 16.90m Draft: 4.8m Maximum immerse: 17.0m Number of ballast tanks: 24nos Number of pump rooms: 4nos Number of ballast pumps: 12nos Main power supply: shore connection 10kV/380V Emergency power supply: one Genset

This Floating Dock has the capability to serve vessels such as 5,500TEU C/V ( 277.7m*40m*24.3m), 109,600T B/C (250m*4.3m*21.3m).

Location: China

Further details for named interest.

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