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Semi-Sub RoRo Carriers for sale

The vessel is an unusual 5,000 dwt heavy lift ship, designed with bridge forward and a ro-ro / flo-flo loading ramp at the stern. Her cargo hatches can be opened fully from the wheelhouse aft to the ramp to accommodate oversize cargoes like cranes and superyachts (or dredgers like in the picture). She was built in Germany by Nobiskrug in 1984. Can now be inspected in Nantong, China

Also have a near sister vessel with 2 x 63t cranes that can lift in combination 126 tons. She is now in Canada East.

Brief description:

MPP/RO/FLO/semi-submersible Class DNV-GL 100 A5 E / Flag Belize Next renewal survey 12/2022 Blt 06-1983 at KROEGER in West Germany DWT abt 4,555 mts on 4.83 mSSW (draft for floating cargo 9,15 m) 1 Ho/Ha - Bl 10,487 m3 452 TEU (20 reefer plugs) Removable tweendeck GT/NT 6,705/2,011 LOA/LBP/BM/DM 106.11/99.65/19.60/10.95 m MAK (6M453AK) 2x1470 kW 12.3 Kn Shaft gen / Bow thruster Cr 2x63 ts /comb 126 ts straigt sternramp cap 650 mt/50mt axle load, working size 11,2x13m abt 11 kn ant bat 10 mt ifo 60 cst

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