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Can be used as Workboat, Anchor handling, Salvage works. Can be converted into WID Dredger (Water Injection Dredger)* built 1984 Holland. GT/NT 194/58 Dims 28.71 x 10.32 x 3.2 m – draft only 2.2 m Bureau Veritas Class.

4 x GM Detroit 2.500hp, ttl driving four 360 degr.thrusters. Extremely well maneuverable – sailing on two engines about 6.5/7 knots. Bollard Pull 24.5tons. Effer Deck Crane 6.3tons at 11.5m. Winch 45tons at 10m. Bow and stern roller. Two A frames.

Accommodation for 4 persons , galley etc.

Full info, plan and recent photos available. Try USD 1.2 mil – inspection, delivery in Holland.

* For conversion into WID dredging please contact us we can guide you accordingly.

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