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Small Medical Ship for Sale

We can now offer a special purpose medical ship located in the South Pacific. This is a privately-owned vessel and would be an ideal entry level expedition, research, private dive ship, having proved itself for many years around Papua New Guinea.

Built in Japan in 1979 Dead weight tonnage 475 Gross Tonnage 282 Light weight Tonnage 232 Cruising Speed 9-10 knots Variable pitch propeller Accommodation 50, including crew Flag: Cook Islands Fuel capacity (litres) 35,000 Consumption (at sea) 2800 litres (12.5 days sailing capacity) Consumption (In port) 150 litres per day.

Stable vessel at sea. Former Japanese Fisheries Training Vessel converted in to a special purpose medical ship with operating room. Next inspection due in 2019. Australian owned and operated.

Location: PNG Price: $150,000

Thank you for your interest!

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