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Self Elevating DP equipped Support Vessel

ELEVATING SUPPORT VESSEL This vessel represents a new class of offshore service vessels. It is purpose-built to serve a niche in the well service and construction market where other vessels are less suited. It is designed as a jack-up Heavy Intervention Vessel with sufficient capacity to undertake all classes of well intervention by use of its Le Tourneau Derrick that can be deployed on cantilevers or lifted directly on to a wellhead platform by means of the vessels own 300 ton heavy lift crane. Power generating capacity and large deck-space make the vessel an ideal Tender Support Vessel. Because of the heavy lift crane, additional crane barges are not required for lifting on or off modules and equipment from platforms during modifications or decomissioning.

The vessel is self-propelled and equipped with dynamic positioning (DP 1) and can operate independent of additional tug boats for positioning and in-field moves between assignments.

Main characteristics

Operating depth: 106m (330') water depth Self-propelled cruise speed: 6 knots Overall length: 91m (298 ft) w/helideck Overall width: 55.5m (183 ft) at transom Lightship displacement: 8346 tonnes (18,400 kips) Variable deck load: 2722 tonnes (6,000 kips) Lightship draft: 4m (13 ft) to keel Azimuthal thrusters: Three 2500 KW/3,350 hp each

Favco PC300 crane (56m boom) (Skidable) 280 tonnes at 20m (67 ft.) 100 tonnes at 49m (160 ft.) Two Favco 7.5/10K cranes (36.6m booms) 45 tonnes at 14m (46 ft.) 14 tonnes at 36m (120 ft.)

Air-conditioned accommodations: 120 personnel Galleys: Two Internet/ TV room: Fiber-optic network Client offices: Six Emergency elevator: One

Four anchors: 6.8tonne (7.5 ton) each Anchor winches: Four w/2500' wire rope (1½") Holding capacity: 60 Ton/54 MT

HELIDECK Capacity CAP-437 (Sikorsky S92)


Derrick: 317-tonne (350T) cap. 7500m (24,800 ft.) 4 1/2" & 3 1/2" DP Drill floor: 11 x 10.6m (36 x 35ft) Tender-assist skid: 9m to 15m (30ft to 50ft) Cantilever skid: 16.7 x 9m (55 x 30ft) Circulating pump: 7,500 psi / 2200 hp Kill pump: 15,000 psi / 2500 hp Top-drive: 250-tonne Power generators: 3 @ 2600 KW each Emergency generator: 1300 KW Rotary bowl: 37-½ false rotary BOP stack: 13 5/8 , 10,000 psi Umbilical system: Electric and hydraulic

Delivery: China (vessel was blt 2014 under close Norwegian supervision)

Price: USD 90 million, try lower (BBHP an option). Building cost were much higher.

If interested in a charter please submit the following:

1. Name and background of charterers? 2. When the vessel is required? 3. Where the vessel is required? 4. Duration of charter? 5. What securities (financial) are offered? 6. Scope of work

We are looking forward to your enquiries!

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2017 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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