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SemiSub Accom/Work Rig for 500 pax now available at Singapore

Registry Singapore, Converted 2013/2014, Class ABS

Pontoon Length 89.9 m Pontoon Depth 6.4 m Main Deck Length 88.6 m Main Deck Breath 59.4 m Draught, Operation 25.45 m Draught, interm. Survival 22.83 m Draught, Survival 19.81 m Draught, Transit 6.10 m Displacement, Operation 26128mt Displacement, lightship 12100mt Variable deck load 1400mt

FACILITIES Accommodation Fully air-conditioned for 500 persons with galley, mess rooms,

recreation rooms, offices and hospital. 84 x 4 man cabins 77 x 2 man cabins 10 x 1 man cabin Life Saving Equipment 8 enclosed lifeboats 125 men capacity each. 20 x 25 persons life rafts, One fast rescue boat, Life jackets, rings etc as per SOLAS. Helideck CAP 437 and suitable for Sikorsky S-92 and S61N helicopters. Gangway Automatic telescopic 36.5m + 6 m stroke. Free inside width: 1.2m

MARINE EQUIPMENT Power Plant Three EMD diesel engine generators each of 2.1MW. Total power 6.3 MW. Emergency generator One diesel Power generator 1.4MW Mooring Eight point, electric windlasses with 1200 m 76 mm stud chain, two lines in each corner Anchors 12 t high holding power achors Cranes Two pedestal revolving deck cranes with 45m booms. - 1 x 75 tons capacity main hook and 15 tons capacity aux hook. - 1 x 35 tons capacity main hook and 15 tons capacity aux hook

Please note: In present moored configuration, the max operating water depth is 250m per Marine Operation Manual. However, connecting the existing unit's chains to pre-laid wire rope mooring system, which is normal practice in the industry, the max operating water depth can reach up to 3,000 ft. Therefore, as an accommodation semi without frequent movement, there is no problem for operation at such depth.

The vessel was recently inspected by top operators who were impressed by the high quality of this unit!

Location: Singapore/Batam

Price indication: try offers in region $75 mil.

Any use, disclosure, forward, printing or copying of these specifications without expressed permission is strictly prohibited. All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2017 Wissmann & Associates LLC, all rights reserved.

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