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DP1- Liftboats for Resale in China

We can propose now at reduced price several DP1 equipped liftboats for resale all built in Chinese yards:

Class Notation: ABS, A1, Self-Elevating Unit, AMS-NP, Accommodation Services, +DPS-1, CRC, CPS, UWILD, HELIDK

Flag: Panama

Length overall: 85.1 m

Breath molded: 40m

Hull depth: 5.8m

Design draft: 3.2m

Legs: 4 cylindrical legs, 91.5m including spudcan

Max. Operating water depth: 60m

Design ambient temperature: >0 ℃, ≤ 50 ℃

Jacking system: Hydraulic, rack & pinion

Normal lifting capacity of jacking system: 6400t

Average jacking speed (jacking up & down): 0.8m/min

Sailing speed: 4.5kn

Free deck area: abt. 1400m2

Accommodations: 300 Persons

Variable load: 1700t

Max. Deck Allowable Load(Fr16~30): 5t/m2

Max. Deck Allowable Load(Fr30~53,12.44m (P/S) ): 7.5ton/m2

Main Crane capacity: Main hook: 200t@r=9.5m (min.), 40t@r=40m (max.); Aux. hook: 10t@r=10.5m

Auxiliary Crane capacity: Main hook: 20t@r=20m, 10t@r=30m; Aux. hook: 3t@r=6.8m

Helideck: 22.2m in diameter, suitable for S-92

DP system: DPS-1

Main Diesel Generator: 830kW×4(400V 50Hz)

Emergency Generator 250kW×1(400V 50Hz)

Bow Thruster mailto:80kN@600kW

M/E 2 sets MCR 1760KW/1000rpm

2 units with prompt delivery ex yard, China.

Also a 150 pax unit available.

Offshore Solutions Unlimited™

Columbia Tower

701 5th Ave #4200

Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206)262 7500

Fax: (206)262 8001

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2016 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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