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2 Units State of the Art Dive Support Vessels for Sale

Updated: Mar 13

On offer are 2 Norwegian designed deepwater DSVs with SAT dive systems and full subsea equipment incl.250t cranes. We are happy to provide full details for verified clients.

Unit 1: DP3 Diving Support Vessel (DSV)

Year built 2019

Deck Length 124m

Deck beam 24m

Deck area 900 sqm (2000t loading capacity)

18 - 24 man Sat diving system (300msw)

2 bells

2 moonpools

Surface support air diving system (2 x LARS – 1 x DCC)

Main crane 250t (Working depth 3000m, heave com)

Auxiliary crane 30t (heave com)

Both main cranes certified for personnel lifting

Provisional crane 5t

Helideck capacity, Sikorsky S-92A

1 x WROV hangar equipped with shipside LARS &

Moonpool (LARS heave com - operating depths within 3000m)

Pax 120

Unit 2: For sale or long term charter


Length 103m

Beam 23m

Clear deck space 800m2

PAX 120

Inbuild 18 man Saturation diving system (300msw)

3 man Diving bell

Moon pools

Air diving systems (2 x LARS)

2 x Hyperbaric lifeboats

2 x WROV & LARS (Port side & SB side)

Crane 150t (3000msw working depth)

Aux winch 10t

2 x Tugger winches 5t

Telescopic jib crane 20t

2 x General service cranes

Helideck-SH Sikorsky S92

Please contact us for further details. Pricewise these vessels are positioned above the $100 million mark and we can not entertain unverified inquiries. Please always name your company when contacting us.

All details without guarantee

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