• Capt Thomas

2 units new built 400ft JU drilling rigs for sale

On offer are 2 units of proven Friede & Goldman designed jack up rigs with quality equipment installed throughout. Orders were cancelled during the downturn and give now the opportunity to acquire new rigs at a discounted price!


Type: Independent leg jack-up

Class: ABS

Water depth: 400ft

Drilling depth: 35,000ft

Accommodation: 140

Light weight: 18,100t

Hull length: 231ft(70.4m)

Hull width: 249ft(76m)

Hull depth: 31ft(9.45m)

Transit draft: 22ft(6.67m)

Leg length: 547ft(167m)

M/E: 6 X Caterpillar 3516B HD 1603 Kw @ 1200 rpm

M/G: 6 x KATO 1530 ekW

Crane: 1x80t & 2x50t kingpost crane, 1 knuckle boom crane

Cantilever Design Load: 1,360t @ centerline to 70ft aft of transom 500t @15ft off centerline and 75ft aft of transom.

The rigs are located at the construction yard in China and will be delivered prompt.

All details without guarantee

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