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A Global Network for Unlimited Solutions...

We are solution providers, not brokers. With our truly global network we offer access to on- and off-market vessels. We are able to source any special tonnage requirement to match what is best for your project. New building re-sales are available regularly. More than 30 years of experience in the industry!

Passenger & Accommodation Vessel Projects

We have a specialized team for cruise vessels, ferries, and accommodation projects. We can supply a solution that will fit your project and budget. Again our global network helps to find what nobody else can offer. Please try us! 

Fabrication & Conversions

Topside fabrication, scrubber fabrication, FPSO conversions, offshore vessel conversions, even for installing entire refinery projects or power stations we have a solution for you! Our network is very powerful and we look forward to quote for your most sophisticated project in any location. We always have a team available for emergency interventions and assessments.


Decommissioning is an expensive and challenging activity that operators have successfully managed to push into the future for many years.  However, for a large part of our aging offshore infrastructure decommissioning is now becoming a reality. We offer comprehensive solutions to tackle your projects.

Green Ship Recycling

We can offer true 'Zero Impact' Ship recycling facilities. We have teamed up with several companies in this field to develop and licence facilities around the world. The shocking pictures from Alang & Chittagong need to become a relic from the past.

Pipeline Inspections

We offer pipeline inspections as well as surveys of subsea structures and in-water surveys. Please ask for all services we can offer.

Crane Testing Services

Our specialists are based in South East Asia and undertake crane inspections on any vessel, platform, structure. Please ask for availability of our inspectors.

We can supply you with any air- or saturation dive system, incl. hyperbaric lifeboats, dive bells, LARS, etc. We also have specialized companies to supply experienced dive crew for your project. Always on a global basis.

Manned Submarines

We are exclusive agents for Aquatica submarines for Norway, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Iran & UAE. We have access to units for charter projects on a global basis. Specially designed units with low footprint for yachts.


We can offer any type of ROVs and WROVs for your projects. Working with the best in the field. Global services! New is our unique 'Eyeball ROV inspection service'! Please click on the button for more details.


We offer modern desalination units that are based on reverse osmosis. Designed for quality and reliability by German engineers.

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