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Crane Testing Services

Our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection services include:


  • Checking of brakes, clutches, sheaves, and wire rope assemblies

  • Design studies and calculation reviews

  • Dynamic and static load testing

  • Inspection of all the structural load bearing members, including sheaves

  • Checking crane girders, rails and columns of overhead cranes to assure structural integrity

  • Line level and span crane gantry surveys

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) of load hooks for cracks and visual inspections for distortions

  • Operational tests to assure that your unit is functioning properly

  • Periodic inspections and inspection prior to use of mechanical, structural, electrical, and safety systems, as well as of wire ropes and chains

  • Re-examination of all safety devices

  • Regulatory compliance assessments

  • Remnant life assessment

  • Repairs supervision


Contact us today and discover how our crane, hoisting and lifting equipment inspection can ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with statutory requirements.



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