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Tier II MR Tanker Re-sale from quality Shipyard in China

We can offer 4 units of brand new Tier II MR tankers. Holding full specification here for interested parties. The delivery schedule ex.yard in China is as follows:

Two units are ready for prompt delivery;

3rd unit can be delivered May 2021;

4th unit can be delivered June 2021.

Principal Dimensions

Length o.a. abt. 182.95 m

Length b.p. abt. 174.00 m

Breadth, molded 32.20 m

Depth, molded 19.10 m

Designed draft, molded 11.00 m

Scantling draft, molded 13.30 m

DWT on 11.00 m draft 37,600 metric tons.

DWT on 13.30 m draft 49,600 metric tons.

Tank capacities (100% full)

Cargo tanks (incl. Slop & residual,100%) abt. 54,800 m3

Slop tanks (P&S) abt. 1,000 m3

Residual tank abt. 100 m3

LS fuel oil tanks abt. 1,250 m3

LS M.G.O. tanks abt. 300 m3

Lub Oil abt. 110 m3

Fresh water tanks abt. 300 m3

Rinse fresh water tank abt. 300 m3

Water ballast tanks abt. 21,000 m3

All details without guarantee

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