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MMC Design Modern PSVs for Sale/Resale

On offer is a 2014 built vessel or a brand new that will be ready for delivery later this month!

87M PSV DP2 (MMC Design, diesel electric propulsion) 4 X 2446HP, Dwt 5000T on 5.9m.

Class: ABS +A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel,+AMS,+DPS-2,+Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1, ACCU,+ORO=C 2, SPS, UWILD,RW

Blt: 2014 China

Propulsion : Diesel Electric Propulsion

Length Overall: 87.07m Length BP: 83.00m Beam Moulded: 18.80m

Depth to Main Deck: 7.40m Design Draft: 5.90m

Main Diesel Generators: 4 x 1825kw (total 7300kw) Emergency Generator: 1 x 350kw

Thrusters: 2 x 2000kw 360 deg Azimuths

Bow Thrusters:1 x 910kw tunnel Thrusters Retractable Bow:1 x 800kw Azimuth Trial Speed at 4.5m: 14.30 Knots Type of Fuel: Marine Diesel Oil


Fuel Oil: 942 Cu.m

Fresh Water: 502 Cu.m

Potable Water: 168 Cu.m

Water Ballast/Drill Water: 1832 Cu.m

Dry Bulk: 400 Cu.m

Mud/R.O: 1112 Cu.m

Mud/Brine: 2408 Cu.m

Metanol/Mud: 429 Cu.m

Lub Oil: 1.9 Cu..m

Deadweight: 5000t

Deck Cargo Capacity: 2400 tonnes

Cargo Deck Free Area: 1000 m 2

Deck Strength: 5.0t/ m 2


Fuel: 1x150[m3/h]9bar

Fresh Water: 1x150[m3/h]9bar

Dry Bulk: 2 x 1100Cu.MHr, Simultaneous discharge

Mud/Brine: 4x150[m3/h]14bar

Methanol: 1x75[m3/h]9bar


Total Beds 51 Total

CARGO CRANE 2t @ 10m

Pleased to hear your interest.

All details without guarantee.

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