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Friede & Goldman Super M2 Jack-up Drilling Rig available

On offer for charter or sale is a modern Jack Up Offshore Drilling Rig blt 2015.

As a guide on a sales price $USD110 Million ex- Yard Asia and on Dry Charter $USD35,000 per day -/+. The rig is prompt available.

Light ship: 19824 kips(9000 metric tons)

Displacement at loadline: 11421Tonnes

Overall length of unit (including helideck): 272.5’ (83.055meters)

Overall width of unit (including anchor racks): 200’ (61meters)

Hull length: 196’ (59.745 meters)

Hull width: 183’ (55.78 meters)

Hull depth: 25' (7.62 meters)

Number of legs/length: 3 x 411ft (125.288 meters) including Spud Cans

Designed draft 17.0ft (5.172meters) Load Line Draft

Leg length available below hull: 360’ (110 meters)

Type of leg: Triangular

Leg spacing (centre to centre):

Transverse: 120 ft(36.6meters)

Longitudinal: 115 ft (35.055 meters)

Independent leg or matt: Independent leg

Spud can diameter/bearing area: 12.09 meters/ 108.62 square meter each

Spud can height: 15ft (4.572 meters)

Further details upon request.

All details without guarantee.

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