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Flat Deck Heavy Load Carrier with 25t/m² Deck Strength

On offer is a modern carrier with high deck strength and diesel electric propulsion.

In August 2017 built at Samjin Shipbuilding indstries.

Class: CCS ★ CSA Deck Cargo Ship/Bridge Crane and Heavy Equipment Carrier;

PSPC(B); Ice Class B; Loading Computer(S,I); In-Water Survey; Clean; FTP; BWMP

★ CSM AUT-0; SCM; BWMS; Electrical Propulsion System

Lo.a/ L.b.p / B/D 130.00/124.80 x 28.00 x 7.80m

10,384 Ton on Draft 5.20 m

Deck Cargo Area : 3,050 m2

Deck Loading 25 t/m2

GRT/NRT 7,959 x 2,387

Electrical Propulsion System

Propulsive output 1650 kw x 2

Service Speed 11.5 knots

Accommodation 20 Men

BWTS fitted

The vessel is designed for unrestricted navigation, transportation and windfarm support.

All details without guaranteed.

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