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Semi-Sub Barge or Floating Dock with 20,000t SWL prompt available!

We can still offer a semi-sub barge that has been used as floating dock during the last 10 years. She is located near Seattle, WA at the Pacific Coast of the USA, close to the Canadian border. Highest bidder wins the vessel. Converted and full modernization in 2002 before imported to the USA.

Type: Non Propulsion Sea going deck barge with Semi-Submerging Operation. Original Builder: Mitsubishi heavy industries, Japan Year of build: 1979 Original Name: SHIN-S-2001 Japanese Registery NK Classification Previous Name: Lucky Angel Belize Registery CCS Classification Major modification date: Jan 2002 at GangZha Shipyard, Nantong, PR China.

Length Overall: 492 ft / 150.0 m Length B.P: 483 ft / 147.4 m Breadth Moulded: 129.8 ft / 40.0 m Depth Moulded: 27.8 ft / 8.5 m Free Deck Area: ~54,000 ft^2 ~5000 m2 Draft Loaded: 18.7 ft / 5.7 m Full Load Displacement: 30,416 t Max Deck Load 3,070 lbs/ft² 15 tons/m² Max. Submerge Draft: 60 ft / 18.5 m Water Ballast Tanks: 21 Water Ballast Tank Capacity: 47,000 tons 47,000 m3 Maximum Pump Flow Rate: 8,000 tons/ hr 8,000 m3/h Dive time to max.submersion: 5 h Re-Float time from max.submersion: 6 h Gross Tonnage 15,684 tons Net Tonnage 4,708 tons

She was recently auctioned but failed to reach reserve price. We suggest to offer at $2.5 mil minimum. A couple of years back we had her at $11 mil for sale. A versatile asset that is in good condition. We hold full details here.

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