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Voith Schneider Escort Tug available in the ME

Flag: S.V. Bollard Pull: 45 tons Class: LR, escort Built: Shanghai under European supervision in 2007 Dimns 29.5 x 11.5 m GT 355 2 x Yanmar 6ey26, 1920 kw each 2 x Voith units 28r5 Karmoy escort winch Towing hook Accomodation for 12 Inspection and prompt delivery in Bahrain. Details of the running hours: • VSP Port – 14,379 Next overhaul @ 25k hrs • VSP Stbd – 14,379 hrs Next overhaul @ 25k hrs • Total PS ME: 25,761 (since overhaul 10248) • Total STBD ME: 25,775 (since overhaul 10628) • Total PS AE: 9,824 from new , no OH as we fitted new units • Total STBD AE: 9,674 from new , no OH as we fitted new units Pricewise aiming USD 2.2 MILL basis "as is where is" Bahrain - but inviting outright offers for discussions - believe we can try USD 2 MILL.

Thanks for your interest!

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