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Crane Vessel with DP and 12000t lifting capacity (revolving) now available

For the development of offshore oil and gas fields and deepwater salvage projects, one of the leading Chinese yards developed a 12000T fully revolving self propelled heavy lift vessel (FRSPHLV) in 2016. The ship was designed with self-propelled, anchoring positioning/DP capability, and will be used to load and discharge large body, module, jacket, pipe frame etc. The ship is suitable for lifting operations in deep water and harsh environments as well as in the ME.

Length Overall: 297.55m Breadth Moulded: 58.00m Depth Moulded: 28.80m Navigation Draft: 13.50m Operation Draft: 17.60m Service Speed: 12kn Accommodation: 380P (crew72P, workers308P) Class Notation: ABS, A1 (E) HEAVYLIFT VESSEL Machinery/Propulsion Main Engine: 21120KW x 1 set B&W 7S80MC Main Diesel Generator Set: 7000kw x 8 sets MAN B&W 14 V32/40 Navigation Generator Set: 1040kW x 2 Harbor Generator Set: 1050kWx1 Emergency Generator Set: 500kWx 1 Thruster: 2750kw x 2 sets tunnel thruster 3250kw x 4 sets ABB Azipod CZ1400 3800kw x 6 sets Rolls-Royce Positioning Anchor Winch Quantity:10 Pull Force: 140t Wire Rope: 83mm x3000m

Main crane: 12000MT@54m(stern) 7000MT@44m(revolving) Hoisting height above waterline: 123.0 m Auxiliary hook: 1600MT@120m(stern) 1600MT@95m(revolving) Hoisting height above waterline: 149.2 m

Outstanding Advantages -Large Heavy Lift Capacity: Large lifting capacity up to 12000T, which will cover most of the topside or other offshore structures. This FRSPHLV would be the world’s largest single lift mono hull type heavy lift vessel with a significant competitive advantage over its direct competition.

-Self-propelled: This FRSPHLV is designed for 12kn navigational speed. In competition with Semi-Submersible solutions, this FRSPHLV is more convenient for operation in the field and has lower mobilization costs.

-Dynamic Positioning: Its unrestricted operation area increases the flexible and adaptability significantly, which make this FRSPHLV having broader application prospects in offshore engineering field.

-Large hull body: Large hull body provided enough space, and satisfying different kinds of special projects and further upgrade. Ample airconditioned cabins are providing comfortable living conditions.

-A-Frame lay down solution: The feature is specially designed for the crane vessel passing waterways with low clearance. By lowering the A-frame to the bow end, the overall transit height of this FRSPHLV will be less than 56m above water level.

Available for Purchase or Long Term Charters.

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