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Subsea Salvage & Construction Vessel

The vessel was originally built 1979 as a pipe carrier of UT705 design, for North Sea platform service, with two thrusters forward and two aft.

In 1999, the vessel was converted to a multipurpose offshore support vessel. The main features added were: fitting an additional bow thruster for compliance with DP2 requirements; modifying the existing accommodation and installing an additional accommodation module, bringing the capacity to 63 persons; fitting two moonpools (one in hangar); adding an offshore crane of 50-tonnes SWL with ACH capabilities and 1200 meters of wire; and a helideck. The power generation was increased with two additional generators of 1461 kVA and a newly installed auxiliary switchboard serving added machinery.

From 1999 until 2015 the vessel was operated as a DP2 support vessel for platform support operations.

In 2016 the vessel was converted to a deep water salvage ship by installation of a recovery tower with an AHC Lebus winch system of 50-tonnes SWL, capable of deploying a recovery ROV to a depth of 6400 meters, with either a 56mm Hampidjan synthetic fiber rope or 43mm electro-mechanical steel cable. A wide range of hydraulic tools are available to be operated by the ROV such as grabs of various sizes, hydraulic shears, special tools for wrecks etc.

The second ROV system deployed is a Triton XL39 Free- Swimming ROV, operating in the forward moonpool.

With the current equipment, the vessel has remarkable flexibility in operation, being able to deploy either one-rope or two-rope systems, depending on specific requirements (depth, load, tasks, etc.). Moreover, the vessel is extremely versatile - getting the optimum set-up for any project at any depth will be easily achieved by swapping around the roles of the three major lifting systems installed onboard: the Free- Swimming Triton XL ROV in the forward moonpool, the Recovery ROV in the aft moonpool and the 50-tonne AHC National Oilwell Crane.

The vessel is located in the UK. For full details please click on picture. More information and plans are available.

Vessel is priced to sell. Try offers of $7 mil without ,or $11 million incl all salvage equipment and ROVs.

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2016 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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