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4500dwt OilRec PSV FOR SALE

BUILT:1995/ Ulstein International A/S, Norway

CLASS: LR of Shipping +100A, LMC,UMS,LNC(AA),Oil Recovery, Supply Vessel

Length O.A. : 82.5m

Breadth Moulded: 18.8m

Depth Moulded: 7.6m

Max. Draught: 6.23m

Dead Weight: 4,567T

Gross tonnage: 2,961

Net tonnage: 1,234

Economical speed/consumpt.:10.kts at 11.4ts/24hrs

Consumption in port: 0.6ts/24hrs

Consumption stand by at sea: 5.5ts/24hrs

Fresh Water: 757m3

Drill / Ballast Water: 1375m3

Gas oil: 961m3

Heavy oil/IFO(ship consumption):488m3

Brine SG 2.5: 868m3/5453 bbls

Base Oil : 304m3/1906 bbls

Recovered Oil: 1,030m3

Methanol/Glycol: 171m3 (2 tanks)

Tank cleaning system installed for 6 Mud tanks and 2 Brine tanks

Oil based mud: 2x75m3/h at 24 bar

Bulk cargo: 80-100 ts/hr at 5.8 bar

Fresh water: 1x250 m3/h at 9 bar

Drill water: 1x250 m3/h at 9 bar

Gas oil: 1x250 m3/h at 9 bar

Brine: 1x100 m3/h at 24 bar

Base oil: 1x125 m3/h at 9 bar

Methanol/Glycol: 75 m3/h/3-9 bar

Engines: 2xBergen Diesel

BHP: 7,200 BHP

Bollard Pull: N/A

Propellers: 2 x Ulstein

Rudders: 2 x Ulstein Highlift flap type

Thruster’s Forward: 1 x 1200 BHP, CP Tunnel

1 x 1200 BHP, CP Retract Azimuth Truster’s

Aft: 2 x 800 BHP, CP Tunnel Total Transverse Thrust:45.8 mt

Shaft Generators: 2 x 1800 kw, Hyundai

Auxiliaries: 2 x 320 kw, Caterpillar

1 x 88 kw, Cummins

Vessel is located near Hong Kong and can be prompt inspected/delivered.

Priced to match current market!

Offshore Solutions Unlimited™

Columbia Tower

701 5th Ave #4200

Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206)262 7500

Fax: (206)262 8001

All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2016 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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