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106m Floating Dock with 3500t Capacity built 2023

On offer is a modern floating dock that was completed with an additional block in August 2023 and is available for sale in Southern Italy.

Floating Dock.

Blt 2023 - Italy.

R.I.NA Class.

Loa 106,20m.

Beam 35,31m.



Pontoon Depth 3,53m.

Max Depth 15,53m.

Operative draught 2.5m.

Lifting Capaciy abt 3500


Service Notation: Floating Dock - Sheltered Area / Harbour Waters.

Special Navigation.

(National Coastal in favourable weather condition, in tow without load and without person on board).

- The dock is presently fully operational with Loa of 106 Meters.

- The Owners have just completed the contruction by installing 2 additional blocks order to achieve 106 Meters Loa.

- They will also add 2 ramp/platform each side of 9 meters each, which will extend the dock to 124 meters.

- Unit can be inspected in Sicily, Italy.

- Delivery 2nd half of 2024, try earlier.

- Owners are inviting best offers

All details without guarantee

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