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Our purpose is threefold:

  • to provide comprehensive support to all kinds of ships visiting Portugal.

  • to provide project support for ship repair and new building projects.

  • to provide innovative products to the maritime industry in Portugal.


We have established close ties to all shipyards and related marine services in Portugal to be able to give ship owners and their ship managers the support they need!  We assure top quality and timely services for ship repair or new construction projects in the country. Our global service network will add further quality and quick turnover for complicated repairs and engineering solutions. Our specialists hail from all parts of the world and bring to Portugal a wealth of experience that is unprecedented in the industry! One other aspect of our activity is the multi-lingual support that not only considers the business culture in Portugal but that of our clients.


We are not just acting as agents but give active ‘hands on’ support to both the ship owner’s side and the shipyards and service providers. We are actively working with our clients planning their projects and seeing it through to conclusion ‘within time, within budget’ using our own experienced engineers, port captains & ship managers. We will look after all aspects involved in Portugal and assure a good after sales service to our clients.  For the local ship building and ship repair industry we are the link to develop their businesses further and improve communication skills and provide training to their project managers to achieve better results.


We offer modern products to our clients that improve fuel efficiency of marine engines of all types, reduce emissions, and/or are in general more sustainable than the products or machinery they replace. We can offer complete fleet solutions in this field and also work towards the goal for the 2020 regulations.


  • New Construction in Steel, Aluminum, GRP or Composite

  • Dry Dock & Dockside Repairs

  • Lay-up Facilities for Ships and Offshore Structures

  • Mobilization of Offshore Assets

  • Project Management

  • Emergency Repairs

  • ISM/ISPS Management

  • Customs Agents

  • Bunker Services

  • Logistical Support

  • Car & Truck Rentals

  • Provisioning & Ship Agency Services

  • Crew Travel & Accommodation

  • Spare Parts

  • New Products/Green Products


Our shipyard facillities are in various locations and include the following:

  • Graving Docks of all sizes from 45m to 450m in length

  • Sliplifts to 1500t

  • Syncrolift/Hydrolift facilities to 750t lifting capacity

  • Large fabrication and paint sheds

  • Plasma cutters, CNC machines, hydrojet blasters, etc.

  • Several kilometers of dockside spaces with/without shore power facilities

  • Deepwater anchorages in brackish waters up the Tegus river for any structures lower than 77 meters (bridge clearance), unlimited heights in other locations

  • Project office spaces with high speed internet, gym, barbershop and canteen. 24/7


Offshore Solutions Lisbon Office
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