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Semi Sub Drilling Rig for Sale in SEA

On offer is a proven modern rig of the 6th generation and prompt available ex.China just South of Shanghai. The vessel had successful deepwater campaigns in Brazil and Africa. Available at a very good price!

Built 2010 in Singapore

Dimensions: 115.7 x 90.4m

Draft: 17-20 m drilling / 8.4 m transit

Displacement: 43,200-46,500 mt drilling

Variable Load: 33,000 mt transit

Accommodation: 180 pax

Helideck: Sikorsky S92, EH101

Max. Water Depth: 3,048 m designed/2,400 m outfitted

Max. Drilling Depth: 11,430 m

Promptly delivered from China coast.

All details without guarantee

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