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Pontoon for Sale in the UK, try now GBP 150k!

On offer is a Hovercraft designed for transport of heavy equipment, military material, etc.

The vessel is self propelled. Reduced price and attractive to use just as a barge.

Designed for Rosneft to work in Arctic conditions at -40 C° but similar has also operated in the Middle East.

Built 2007 in the United Kingdom

Built under Lloyds

Dimensions: 45 x 25 mtrs

Built in Steel

Powered by 4 x Caterpillar 3412

Payload 200t+, at 10t/m²

Ramps at both ends

Can take heavy loads from and to oilrigs, wind farms, but also ashore to ashore in extremely low draft waters and over land or ice.

Accommodation for 10 persons

Try now offers of GBP 150.000,- 'as is', United Kingdom

Newbuilding price was around GBP18mil. The unit needs to be dry docked.

All details without guarantee.

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