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Indestructible HDPE Workboats now available ex.Turkey

As exclusive distributors for European waters we can now offer clever designed indestructable workboats made of HDPE! Many different designs available.

These vessels require a minimum of maintenance due to the attributes of the material used. Recyclable! We can build vessels up to 20m long. A unique re-inforcement design makes this extended length possible. Building material comes from Germany and Turkiye. Built in Tuzla, Turkiye. Engines and electronics will be commissioned with the local sales team in your region.

In the display you see a service catamaran with following dimensions:

Length: 13,40m

Beam: 7,25m

Draft: 1,25m

Fuel Oil: 5,000l

Water: 1,000l

Sewage: 500l

Hydr. Oil: 250l

Bilge Water: 2x100l

Speed: 10 knots

Aft Deck: 45m²

Deck Strength: 2t/m²

Accommodation set up is flexible with up to 6 (day)passenger capacity and 2 crew. Also the propulsion package can be flexible for diesel engines or hybrid/electric versions and even outboard engines.

Please contact us to learn more.

All details without guarantee

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