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IMR Vessel new building for Resale

On offer is a 70% completed new building of a well proven design. Finish the vessel to your final input and save a large portion of the building cost...

The vessel is designed to cut operational costs by 20% and is capable of operating safely at water depths of 2,500m to 3,000m. Equipped with a DP3 dynamic positioning system and can undertake rescue, fire-fighting and antipollution operations.

Measures 100m in length and has a moulded breadth of 21m. The depth to the main deck is 8m and the maximum draft is 6m. The deck area of the vessel is 940m², while the mezzanine deck area is 230m².

Accommodation for 105 people in fully air-conditioned 33 one-man cabins and 36 two-man cabins. The vessels have the flexibility of adopting a floating hotel configuration and accommodating up to 240 people. Other accommodation facilities onboard include four offices, one hospital, one mess room, one laundry room, two workshop rooms, and one galley.

The vessel is equipped with a 150t main knuckle boom crane supplied by MacGregor Cargotec with 2500m reach. SMST supplied another main knuckle boom crane with a lifting capacity of 40t at a maximum outreach of 9.5m.

Propulsion is provided by six main diesel generators with a rated capacity of 1,235kW each and an auxiliary diesel generator with a rated capacity of 1,235kW.

The vessel is also equipped with an emergency generator with a power output of 450kW, two tunnel thrusters with a rated capacity of 843kW each and one retractable thruster with a rated capacity of 843kW.

The propulsion system enables the vessels to sail at a maximum speed of 12kt and a service speed of 10kt.

Please contact us for more information.

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1 Comment

Gary Mackey
Gary Mackey
Jan 03

How much is this vessel

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