• Capt Thomas

Floating Dock for Sale in Italy - 19,000t Lifting Capacity

Directly from our close Italian friends, we can develop for sale the following Drydock unit:

Floating Dock Palermo

Italian flag

Blt 1952

Loa 193 Meters.

Lbp: 178 Meters.

Beam 39 Meters.

Inner Beam: 29 Meters.

Lightweight 7250.

Lifting Capacity 19,000.

- Vessel located in Palermo - Italy where deliverable.

- Inspection can be organized indicatively starting from the 7th of June 2021.

- Vessel has class suspended, but reported in good condition throughout.

- Unit has to be returned to service by obtaining a navigation permit for the tow, nevertheless the dock is reported in very good structural condition and it should be straight forward.

- Owners inviting best offers basis delivery in about 40/60 days from MOA signature (due to Italian flag that takes longer to delete).

Pleased to hear your interest.

All details without guarantee.

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