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23000dwt DP 2 Heavy Load Carrier Brand New for Sale

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

On offer is a 165m DP2 MPP offshore heavy carrier that is in final stages of construction, good for someone who needs a fine tune and/or wants a SPV. We are holding full details here if any interest.

Delivery time: new built

Classed CCS international (IACS), unrestricted,

★ CSA Deck Cargo Ship; Bridge Crane And Heavy Equipment Carrier;

PSPC(B); Ice Class B; Loading Computer(S,I);In-Water Survey; FTP; BWMS


LOA: 165m

Breadth (MLD): 42m

Breadth (Max) : 48m

Depth(MLD): 9.28m

draft: 6.3m

DWT: 23,000mt

deck cargo area: 6816 sqm

deck load: 20 mt/sqm

M/E: CSSC,2980Kw x 2 sets

Service speed: 12.5Kn

Endurance: 10,000 nm

D/E (3 sets): CSSC-Daihatsu 2000Kw x 2 sets; YuChai 706Kw x 1 set

Harbour D/G: YuChai 240Kw x 1 set

Emergency D/G: 144Kw x 1 set

Shaft Generator: 500Kw x 1 unit

Bow Thruster: 1500 Kw x 2 unit

ASD Propulsion: 3000Kw x 2 unit

Provision crane: 10mt @ 20m

Location is near Shanghai, China

Price indication: $37.5 mil.

All details without guarantee

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