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Large Ropax Cruise Ferry now offered for sale in Italy

Built 2001 by Fincantieri, Italy LOA 214.00 x 26.40 m. GT/NT 35,736/16,744 Class RINA – Stockholm Agreement with SWH 4.00 m.

Total passengers : 2,700 Accommodation: 1,212 berths in 319 cabins + 616 pullman seats

915 lane meters + 497 cars Alternatively 665 lane meters + 698 cars (using cardecks) Alternatively 917 cars only

4 Warstila 12V46C x 12,840 kW each at 500 rpm Max speed 27.5 Knots on 7.42 t/h HFO 380 Currently operated speed 19.5 Knots on 3.40 t/h HFO 380 Auxiliaries: 2 x 3,240 kW + 1 x 2,430 kW Auxs consumptions 9.5 t/day

2 Bowthrusters x 1,300 kW

No shaftgenerators

Vessel is currently trading in Italy and delivery will need to be discussed. We can design and install scrubbers before new regulations come into force if of interest. Further information for named and serious parties only.

Any use, disclosure, forward, printing or copying of this post without expressed permission is strictly prohibited. All particulars are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. All offers are made subject to prior sale, changes in specifications or price and to withdrawal from sales list without notice. Copyright © 2019 Wissmann & Associates LLC, All rights reserved.

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