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2003 Japanese Built VLCC for Sale

Built: 18-Sep-2003 / IHI Marine United INC(KURE)

Flag: Panama

Crude Oil Tanker

Double Hull

Classification society: NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI

Date of last special survey/next special survey due: 01-Dec-2016/30-Nov-2021

Length overall (LOA): 333.00 Meters

Extreme breadth (Beam): 60.040 Meters

Moulded depth: 29.00 Meters

Gross Tonnage/Reduced Gross Tonnage (if applicable): 159,909.00 tons 159,909.00 tons

Suez Canal Tonnage - Gross (SCGT)/Net (SCNT): 161,031.39 tons 161,031.39 tons

Panama Canal Net Tonnage (PCNT): N/A

Summer: 20.529 Meters, 301,013 M/Tonnes

USA CALLS, vessel operator submitted a Vessel Spill Response Plan to the US Coast Guard which has been approved by official USCG letter.

Owners will arrange inspection report by themselves. Then they will call for inspection

likely in Singapore from mid Jan to early Feb, this year.

Please advise interest.

All details without guarantee.

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